The aim of the project is the development of the company through the development of new design projects:

1.  “Fashion” 5 products – elegant, exclusive, high-quality handbags, accessories and accessories from the premium segment
2. “For personalisation” 5 products – new handbags and accessories, the design and manufacture of which will allow for personalisation, i.e. will create the possibility of the customer’s own combination of selected elements, accessories.

The project is co-financed by the EU from the European Regional Development Fund under the Sub-measure 2.3.5 Design for Entrepreneurs of the Operational Programme Intelligent Development, 2014- 2020 Project title: “Development and implementation of new design projects within two new lines of handbags, accessories and accessories”.

Beneficiary: POLSKA GRUPA SŁOŃ TORBALSKI Sp. z o.o. 30-538 Kraków, ul. Węgierska 7