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We like a variety of handbags—tiny, bigger, form-fitting, tender, luscious leather, crazy, classic, delicate, and fierce. One thing is sure EACH of us has a personal relationship with her handbag and its content. A handbag is at the same time a make-up bag, a first aid kit, a treasure trove of essential things, and... no one has anything to do with it. The most important thing is privacy.

Brand essence

PLATA is a polish brand basen in Cracow. We believe in a strong relationship between the handbag’s owner and the bag. Each handbag is your safe space and no one should be concerned about what is inside. The person behind PLATA brand is Tomasz Plata: a craftsman and a passionate creator, who’s been manufacturing tailor-made products for women for over 20 years.

Handbags inspired by famous painters.


Futuristic and noble in its simplicity, Agnes bears a name inspired by Agnes Martin: the Canadian painter whose work pays homage precisely to minimalism. The classic and uncompromising line of the bag is a timeless tribute to simplicity being the highest form of art.


Drawing on a colourful fusion of nature and tradition, Emily Carr gave her name to a model that was also created to connect – the practicality and delightful weave of shapes and textures make Emily a handbag suitable for any situation – and its meaning is given individually by each person who reaches for it.


The harmonious Frida is a nod to proportion and sensual lines, creating a model ideal for dreamers. Like Frida Kahlo, whose significant body of work was occupied by self-portraits, this handbag is a reflection of its wearer and its crescent shape will comfort and delight all women who appreciate the grace and soft lines.


It was drawing on the sculptural tradition of Käthe Kollwitz’s work; the bag surprises with a form close to real art. The clear and decisive lines contrast with the soft curves, providing a creative combination of a practical and personal object with a miniature work of art – always close to its owner.


Classical in form, Leonor realizes the personal and symbolic nature of the art practised by Leonor Fini: its sensual shape balances on the boundary between the visible and that in the realm of conjecture and imagination.


Like Sonia Delaunay, fascinated by the colourful flirtation of colour and structure, Luna is a model that combines many contradictions. Luna sets her direction and path by not following anyone’s established trend, just like her owner.

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